Yaquelin Cecilia Cambar Mengual, Wayuu of the Ginnu Clan


Yaqui currently works as an artisan and runs the Walapüin collective. She was born in Colombia in the department of La Guajira in the ranchería of Karaquita on November 2, 1980. She is the third child of five sisters born to María del Rosario Mengual Ginnu and José Domingo Cambar Uliana.  Her childhood was a happy one in her family’s ranchería where she was born. Together with her sisters, she attended primary school in the rancheria, after which she ended up finishing primary school at the San José Indigenous Boarding School in Uribia, Colombia, Here she earned her high school diploma in social promotion with a specialization in Wayuu community development.  While she learned a lot in boarding school, above all she learned to love her culture and the art of Wayuu weaving.  Yaqui has also worked as a health promoter for the Palatine Foundation and for a government organization as a social worker advocating on behalf of Wayuu communities. She and her life partner, Luis Manuel Orozco de la Barrera, have three beautiful sons, Yerel, Luis and Eliud.